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Music on Main Street 2024 - Lobelville

Long's Park Amphitheater


Music on Main Street is back by popular demand, and May 4th is opening night.  Here is the schedule as is known at this time:

May 4 - Linden

May 18 - Lobelville

June 1 - Linden

June 15th - Lobelville

June 29 - Linden

Location information

Long's Park Amphitheater

West 4th Avenue

Thirteen years ago, Music on Main St. kickstarted with its maiden performance, featuring a flatbed truck as its makeshift stage. However, since then, the Long residence, located in close proximity to the Lobelville Library, has served as a venue for all performances - until now. Lobelville boasts of a new, splendid amphitheater with top-notch electrical connections, making it the ideal spot not just for electrified music, but also outdoor movie screenings. It bears the name of the family whose house made way for its construction, and has already been in use for over a year. It's hard to imagine how we managed without it! 

Apart from hosting the famous Music on Main St. on June 3, 2023, the amphitheater has also been home to a Farmer's Market, operated every Tuesday from 2-6 pm during summer, and even a special Thanksgiving Community Dinner in the past year. Come, join us for the opening night of Music on Main St. 2023, and relish an extraordinary experience!

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