Call Before You Dig!


You've heard of this before or even experienced where someone has decided to dig and didn't call ahead to get the lines marked.  Then... BAM!  Your electricity is out, and it's out for hundreds of others.  This is considered an angry mob, and rightfully so.  Do NOT be that person everyone thinks is an idiot.

Call 811 before you dig or pay a $1,000 fine  

Whether you are building an addition, laying a new patio, planting a garden, or just digging a post hole. You don’t want to accidentally dig through the water or natural gas line!

Should you plan to do any digging, please contact: TENNESSEE ONE CALL – THE STATEWIDE NOTIFICATION SERVICE. CALL 811 at least three(3) days in advance so that all of the Town of Linden owned buried pipe may be located and marked for you at NO CHARGE!

All digging in the vicinity of piping should be carefully done by hand.  This will avoid the inconvenience of disrupted service, personal injury and expensive repairs.  Tennessee law imposes civil penalties up to $1,000 in addition to actual damages, including repair and lost gas, if someone damages underground utilities without calling first.

If a gas main or service line is exposed during digging, call The Town of Linden.  Proper attention to pipe that has been exposed will prevent problems later.

Report a Gas Emergency – Call 911

Smell Gas, Act Fast.

Should you smell the odor of gas in an enclosed area such as your home or business, leave the building.

  • DO NOT operate light switches, phones or other electrical devices! 
  • They may cause a spark which could ignite the gas.
  • Evacuate and then call the Town of Linden immediately at 931-589-2736, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • After Hours call 931-589-3900

Our technicians will respond promptly.

If you notice particles of dirt or debris blowing up from the ground or bubbles blowing from standing water, this could indicate an underground gas leak. You may or may not smell gas depending on wind and other weather conditions. If you notice any indication that there may be an underground gas leak call the Town of Linden immediately at 931-589-2736, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our technicians will respond promptly.


Customer Owned Gas Lines

 Federal regulations require the Town of Linden to notify customers that have underground gas lines to homes or businesses, because these lines could possibly develop a leak.

Lines between the gas meter and your home or business belong to the customer – not to the Town of Linden. Should a leak occur “downstream”, or from the meter to the house, the repairs are the responsibility of the customer. The lines “upstream”, or to the meter, are the responsibility of the Town of Linden.

If a gas leak is suspected, the Town of Linden will check your line at no charge. If a leak is found downstream of the meter, a licensed plumber should be contacted immediately to repair the unsafe condition. The Town of Linden does not maintain or repair customer owned lines.

 Customers are encouraged to have a licensed plumber inspect their gas piping periodically. Gas lines, over time, could develop a leak as a result of corrosion or external forces.

Make your voice be heard!


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