According to the TCAT-Hohenwald website, the welding program is offered at the Linden satellite classroom.  This situation was developed several years ago, and has produced excellent employees for the workforce, giving the students opportunity that before was unavailable locally.  According to the website:

The mission of Welding program is to provide the student training in all phases of welding in the ever changing technological work place. Students master the basic welding techniques for both acetylene and arc welding. Individuals study the physical properties of metal, the effects of heat, thickness allowances, shrinkage, basic joint design and layout. The student may also become proficient in advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), oxy-acetylene cutting and welding, semi-automatic arc (MIG) and learn to weld stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals with tungsten inert gas (TIG).

Practical experience is gained in all areas of Welding through shop practice, projects and repair work utilizing hands-on application. Completion of Welding program prepares the student for employment within the manufacturing and welding industry.

Students in Linden/Perry County have the opportunity for dual enrollment and may start their training while in high school, spending part of their day in high school and part at the TCAT facility on School St. in Linden.  This way they can be out working even quicker in a trade or line of work they enjoy.


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