The Splash Pad, the newest addition to the City Park on Main St., is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day every year, from 10 am to 6 pm, seven days a week.  The Public Works Department of Linden are doing a great job of maintaining the quality and safety of the equipment.  

The rest of the Main St. Park is open all year long, although it is most popular from Spring to Autumn where you will find Moms and Dads taking the children to play on the jungle gym equipment.  There are also swings and park benches for the adults to sit and watch.

There is another park known as Veterans Park where there is another set of jungle gym equipment, and a full baseball field where the high school and little leagues play in the summer.  There is a picnic pavillion with barbeque grills to enjoy a nice summer evening.  And ball games are held in the Vets Park as well.  

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